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The Royal


For almost a decade, La RoyaL Légendaire has been operating in the sphere of street art and contemporary art. Their works draw inspiration from universal myths, medieval times and popular culture. In the tradition of the pioneers of street art, they shape their mark by installing ephemeral works transcending the city and countryside border.  Their approach consists of digging creative tunnels of escape, crossing the ordinary of people. La RoyaL also designs unclassifiable exhibitions with multiple and varied structures.

There is no local nor international, rural nor urban, private nor municipal, 

art is everywhere.

About us


Initially trained in heritage restoration, fresco, stained glass, mosaic, I master multiple techniques. For about ten years, I have been exploring the poetics of the image. Street art installations, paintings.

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Collective with variable geometry, led by artists Romain Bidaux and Artus Benoit. 


About us'

I'm an artistic designer



Exhibition Selection


Centenary of the birth of Bernard Manciet. Sabres, ALCA, OARA, New Aquitaine.

LEGENDARY MOORS. House of Orality and Heritage, Capbreton.

2023 “Meravilha” The Atrium art gallery, Dax.

2022 Twin pine parradox, Gare de l’Art, Saint-Paul en Born

2021 Eclectik Ga
lerie 116 rue de turenne, Paris

2021 Organization of the Legendary Landes Festival, Airial de Bouricos

2019 Cagnara, Public Gallery, London England

2018 Arte Musica Nature, Museo Orto Botanico, Roma Italy

2017 Dancity Festival, Foligno Italy

2017 Ipsius fortunae, Album Arte Gallery, Roma Italy


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Légendaire Landes Projet


To go into the depths of a territory is to indulge in the dizziness of life and the elements that compose it.  It’s never scratching more than the surface. The physical senses open to the scraps of stories that reach us. Raw materials and inexhaustible resources from Imaginaire.


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Like the adventurous archaeologist,  we have reconstructed a rare and disappeared burial in the south-west of France.  This act of reconstitution,  in a painting installed in an isolated abbey church, launched the Légendaire Landes project.

Discover the book Curve I


We continued our physical and symbolic exploration of the territory through Lahire, a unique historical figure whose name is inscribed on an asset of the traditional French game. The Jack of Hearts. Rich and confusing journey into the symbolism of images.

Discover the book Courbe II


Well versed in the symbolism of images, and in the strength that can be drawn from mythological figures from a specific territory, we have created painted apparitions in the face of the attacks of the modern world.

Discover the book Courbe III


We seek in the breath of origins, the little melody which reminds us that everything was legend and fear winged with respect. Love of a hatching or a sunrise.

 Vibrant attention to the world is the first condition of creation, we watch for this first legend. Who can boast of creating? Translating is already a lot. 

viscount copy.jpg

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Légendaire Lande expo




For the occasion, we designed amplified pictorial works at the crossroads of rock narration and griotic mystical songs.




​​House of Orality and Heritage.

Headquarters and epicenter of the Capbreton international storytelling festival.

For the 39th edition, we were invited to present the Légendaire Landes project.

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Art Station Gallery

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A series of nodes to immerse yourself in a colorful and captivating universe. Simple, ambivalent and multiple.


Also, the knots evoke the links that unite us between friends, our paths, the impenetrable paths of love or destiny.

Knots to tie or undo.



Nickname of the moorland pine.

The golden tree evokes economic value, and transcends it by referring to alchemy: the transmutation of chlorophyll into gold.



Against the usual uprightness of the pine, curved pines are a way of questioning,  of approaching; and finally to promote the true nature of pine - which is to be flexible. 


Know it :

For having so selected rectitude,

in the subtle world the curve

is queen. 

between lake 1.jpg
tree 3.jpg
tree 5.jpg

Twin Pine Paradox

ambiance 2.jpg

As part of the second Nuits des Forêts, La RoyaL was entrusted with the artistic component for the Art station in the heart of the Landes de Gascogne.


Spotlight on the relationship between art and environment,

and moment to mobilize civil, political and scientific society around our common future.

The Royal took the opportunity to explore our relationship with the majority and almost mono-crop tree of the Landes: The Pine.


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The “wonderful” tells the immensity of the times of a territory and touches the joyful heart of childhood.

It is the thickness of a dreamed memory.


The street art works of RoyaL created a stir in the territory, and the written press documented their mystery. An investigation has been launched to get hold of the author(s) of the artistic works. 

This Room period is the mise en abyss

And Inspector “Dicharry” says the Basque Fox, the personification.



The “wonderful” tells the immensity of the times of a territory.

Teaser Meravilha
image Loula Production

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TV report

La RoyaL, Lou Becut, l'Atrium de Dax

ATRIUM Gallery

A constant in our approach, we work with history, time and space. 

The opportunity to exhibit in the Dax Atrium pushed us to develop a wonderful experience. 

For the occasion, we have particularly placed emphasis on the arrangement of the works.



The Royal played its own role as troublemaker by suggesting an occupation of the Atrium. The context of the opening coincided with a national strike.


Blocked until it’s time to “pop the screen”, and the public enters the exhibition dazzled



Each work then equipped with a particular device accompanied by actors personifying the universe.

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Twin Pine Paradox

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hunting scene 2.jpg
hunting scene 1.jpg
hunting scene 3.jpg

Hunting is not on the rise.


 Perhaps because the hunters who engage in it as humans are armed to the teeth?  And that wild game, by dint of disappearing, becomes farmed.

 It’s ugly but it’s real.


The first known “hunting scenes” were painted around fifteen centuries ago. 


How do we view hunting today?

A delicate subject. 

And nevertheless essential whether we are vegan or carnivore, hunting permeates our fibers more than we can recognize.  

It regulates social relations under aggressive aegis. Murder and performance, accumulation, domination…

What if hunting and our perception of it were only a reflection of our societies?

hunting scene 4_edited.jpg

Hunting scenes

Scènes de chasse
Les animaux musiciens

Eclectik Gallery

Musical animals are intriguing figures that we find sculpted on the capitals of Romanesque churches. They also sometimes flush out outside, as long as we are willing to crane our necks to see them.

Could they be the pokemon of the 12th century?

Who could say?


When transposing the stone to the painting, the background scratched to the background for its power of distortion. From the Middle Ages to the present day, the stripe has never been trivial, it is daring: it clouds vision, rebels and goes against any overly limited interpretation.



To the extent that an instrumental animal is used, the boundary between genre

 human and animal is crossed. 


This unbearable scene for the censors and right-thinking of the 11th-12th centuries. 

Moreover, with its dissonant braying, the donkey really turned out to be the worst musician. 


He is the Grand Detuner. 

He therefore also participates in the search for harmony, through rupture and the rapture of silence.


Catch me if you can

A new kind of love scene between a greyhound and a hare.


An 11th century hunting scene in mosaic on the floor of Sorde Abbey.


The curved and tangy strips to twist convention and switch to another dimension.

ane2 top.jpg
catch me.jpg

Musical animals

expo anerie.jpg

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La Royal Dens l’Arena

We were literally pushed into the arena as a logical continuation of our desire to explore the astral figure of Taurus. There was no denying it, a historic arena in the South-West, built on a former princely palace from the twelfth century, the same one erected, it seems, on the ruins of a Roman amphitheater. 

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Books of Kells

The Books of Kells is an Irish manuscript from the 9th century. The colors, shapes, patterns, and quality of the lines are remarkably fresh. The pop style transcends eras to the present day.

bulls portfolio-10.jpg

He is the father of the Minotaur. Figure that Picasso will paint and research throughout his life.   The Royal, always fond of the origins, will be interested in the Great White Bull.

The Great White Bull


From Lascaux to Picasso, the bull has accompanied European art for nearly twenty millennia. For artists, it has been a recurring subject, an object of fascination, a fantasy creature and an emblem of creative energy.

                                      Joel Pastoureau

bulls portfolio-11.jpg



taurs portfolio-15_edited.jpg

The dance
two bulls

Evocative title of the work of Dante Alighieri.

It was necessary at least that to embark on the perilous path. 

The animal subject, through an apparently amusing treatment, pushes reflection on the relationship with the living… to its limits…


The project is also an opportunity for companionship with the digital world*, while remaining meaningful  our iconic and archetypal research.


The Bovine Comedy

La dança deu taurs
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